How to get to sleep (again)

What didn’t work

Well it turns out my previous technique to get to sleep stopped working usually for one of these reasons:

  • Sometimes the fond memory is too interesting and I just keep thinking about it and my mind starts wondering instead of falling sleep.

  • I’ve had too much screen time and/or just played a video game and the adrenaline rush is still there.

  • Too much caffeine after 4 pm

  • Too much light from electronics in the room; keyboard with backlight, wi-fi endpoint, electric plug on/off indicator, computer charging etc.

So I’ve changed the technique to avoid these things. I’m not going to lie it’s hard to get out of the phone, and realistically I will stop trying, so what I do instead is use the “Bedtime mode” + “Night Light” the phone provides to reduce the amount of light my eyes receive. I do stop playing games and just browse things instead, I try to finish my coffee by 4 pm. I unplug or turn off electronics and recently I’m trying using a face mask to increase darkness.

Visualize darkness

In addition to that the most impactful thing I’ve done is to “visualize” what my eyes see when I close them. I don’t know if this happens to everybody but when I close my eyes, I don’t actually see “black” but like a red/black cloud moving very slowly. I assume is the blood flowing through my eye lids veins or something, is very subtle. When there’s more light the cloud is blue or yellow. Anyway now instead of having a fond memory I try to see this dark cloud and see where it moves. I guess is a form of meditation because I don’t think of anything else. Eventually I fall asleep.


  • Reduce screen time before bed and/or use soft light.

  • Don’t get into adrenaline rushes before bed.

  • Visualize darkness.

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