How to get to sleep

July 15th, 2020

Guarantee to work… almost

  1. Think of a fond memory of yours; it could be a trip, a childhood memory. Pretty much anything.

  2. Try to remember the details, how did you get there, what happened the day before or a few moments earlier.

  3. Remember the details of the event and let it flow into what happened next. Recreate it in your mind.

  4. Remember who you were with, details about the place. What became of those people? What other memories do you have about that place?

  5. Finally, stop trying to control the memories and let it flow.

This works for me almost all the time. I find that while trying to remember those things I usually start dreaming about them and eventually fall asleep. Also, I stop thinking about other topics which are usually the reason why I can’t sleep in the first place.

And if it doesn’t work at least I’ve had a good time reliving those memories that otherwise get lost in the business of the everyday.

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