Why forming a new habit is so hard?

I’m not answering the question, just formulating it.

  • Probably because I’m trying too many changes at once?

  • Probably because I haven’t been able to get rid of some other habit incompatible with the new (e.g. try to wake up early when I still stay up until late at night).

  • Probably the benefits are not completely internalized.

Regardless of the reason, I think is important to be patience and try just a little at a time. If it fails, it’s ok, I can try again. That’s something I was not used to, I used to take failure as something to avoid at all cost (see mindsets), but I’ve been learning when you fail (or when something is hard to do) that’s when you grow. There’s no growing on keep doing something that’s easy.

So I guess I just have to keep trying. So far is have been very good.

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