Walk, and talk and eat.

The day is new
The sun is coming up.

There are trees on one side, there’s the city in the other.

The lake / river is so calm it creates almost a perfect mirror of the trees, the city and the sky.

Only disturbed by the paddling, and the birds waking up, and the honking of the cars of the city that’s also waking up.

And we’re talking.

And I haven’t been this happy in a long time,

not like this,

not this long,

not with you.

My arms are getting tired of so much rowing, the sun is threatening to come up full force and burn us.

The gentle clouds that help us extend this moment can’t hold it anymore. We have to go back.

But what if…

… we go into that city

… and we walk, and talk (and eat) a little bit more?

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