Things will not always go well though

April 28 2021

Sometimes things that are not under our control will go bad, which is already hard to deal with but to some degree easier to get over, they weren’t our fault after all. But when things that are under our control go bad the feeling is terrible. We should remember not to be too harsh with ourselves in those situations either, this is how life is.

Better is to recognize the mistake as soon as possible, it might be hard especially when the ego is involved. Also as soon as we admit the responsibility for the fault it’s very useful to try to find out what’s the underlying reason for the mistake instead of just degrade ourselves thinking we are stupid or worthless, that’s not helpful at all.

Eventually, things will turn around, they always do, the trick is to try to create the conditions for the good things to extend as much as possible and endure the bad times while they last, learn from the mistakes, and move on. Easier to say than do of course.

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