The best time of my life

I have been very fortunate and many ways, and this lockdown has given me opportunities I never had before, namely work from home.

At the end of the workday, I just walk out of the room I use as an office and I’m instantly at home, my commute was already good, but at some point in my life it was taking me up to 3 hrs each way, needless to say, I switched jobs.

There are some distractions having the family so close, but I would argue there were some (albeit different) distractions in my workplace when people around start chatting (even if it was work-related). At home, we have managed to keep the distractions at a minimum and my employer has been awesome in allowing us to have extra time off when required during these special circumstances.

My family is healthy, I am healthy although I had recently spent some time in the hospital due to what I thought was a stroke, which turned to be a number of things combined (migraine, arm numbness) that looked like one. I’m glad to know it wasn’t as serious but definitely gave me the wake-up shake that I needed to go back and being active and eat healthier.

I have found love, and what an awesome person did I find. Sometimes when there is some struggle I tell her “Well don’t blame me, I chose wisely, you not so much” but of course I try to improve on whatever we were struggling with, for instance among other things, cook more often, who would’ve thought cooking was so easy and rewarding.

Anyway, I know I’m really privileged and there are a lot of people that are struggling. Yet I think it’s important to stop for a second and be grateful for what you have and enjoy the moment and this is what this post is all about.

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