Today after 3 1/2 years of WFH I’m going back to the office. I’ll go in hybrid mode, 3 days at the office, 2 days WFH, which I assume eventually will go away.

There are a lot of good thing about working remotely, mainly chat is the preferred way of communication . If face to face communication is needed, a quick video conference can be arranged in seconds with additional advantage we could share screen and see what the other was talking without having to be on their shoulder.

Of course the convenience to be back at home by simply closing the laptop, and get to use all the house rooms. I literally didn’t spend time in the living room before the pandemic, it was just a room to get to the kitchen. Now I use it all the time.

Not to mention how easy is to get hug from/to your loved ones at any moment, I don’t think my co-workers will want to pertake.

I’m going to miss it (at least 3 out of 5 days a week).

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