May 21st 2020

Thoughts on this manuemoreale’s blog post.

Mass social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et al) certainly creates a disconnection between what’s important in human communication in favor of advertisement and popularity. But they also offer a way to communicate with the OP.

There are alternatives to this, of course, the most basic is to add a comments section on the blog, but seems inadequate (had to create accounts, moderate, etc) and it might just not fit the blog style.

Another is to let the interested party (the audience) create a blog/site of its own and post the reply there (just like I’m doing now) but that’s not trivial at all, and it was already addressed previously here.

Maybe a new type of platform is needed. Probably this not-knowing-each-other is a good thing in some extent, but in the meantime, I’m still adding this reply here.

Or Reddit…

Or, I can use another platform such as Reddit which is … well it’s reddit.

Let’s see how that goes.

The idea is to create r/manuelmoreale and then for every post on the blog, create an entry on the subreddit where the audience can comment.

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