Quick wins

This week the task I’m working on started to feel like is not making progress. I’m doing some research and so far is good, I’m raising questions which gives me a good idea of what I have to work on, but these questions doesn’t feel like progress.

I decided to switch a little bit to do some other task that I know will be easier and faster to complete. This gave me a sense of progress and fortunately it will help to answer some of those questions, so after all is still helping.

This is a good way to keep the momentum going. Unfortunately is not always possible to have an additional simple task to work on, or sometimes the new task will take much longer and will just distract from the original task and will turn into procrastination. In either case I think it’s important for me to recognize that it’s ok to work on something else even if I’m not working on the main task, it is still work after all.

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