Jul 6, 2020

Happiness is not quantifiable, like money or time. You cannot say I have X amount of happiness.

Happiness is an absolute, you're happy and that's it! You cannot be more or less happy, the perceived amount of happiness is perhaps the amount of continuous-time you feel it (oftentimes manifested as Joy) but there are all kinds of sources of happiness; when you eat your favorite meal, when you had a good night of sleep, when you see a beautiful sunset, when you see the eyes of the person you love.

Some of the sources of happiness are quite obvious, like joy after a good laugh, but many of them are subtle and almost hidden everywhere else, like that warm feeling of a blanket on a cold night.

And this is the real meaning of life, this is why we're here for, to find and link together all these sources and keep the streak as long as possible.

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