Good intention does not exempt from consequences.

When we do or say something we are still responsible for the effect it has on others, even if our intention was good. On the other hand, when someone else says or does something that results harmful or offensive to us, we have to speak out and let them know, as most of the time they didn’t mean bad for us.

When this situation happens both parties have to be open and receptive to what the other has to say, why they did it in the case of the one offending, and how it was received in the case of the offended; that way they both learn and grow and adjust their values and reduce friction.

All of this sounds very obvious and it’s common sense, but until we have to put it into practice it’s hard to understand and particularly difficult to realize it’s happening when we are the offending side. What we think is obvious might not be for others. And while we can say: “Oh I did it with the best intention” might still have a negative impact.

As always a good dose of patience and will is required to make this good communication happen.

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