Getting sick

After 3 year of pandemic and several months of not getting in contact with the world, I finally started going out again. And by going out I mean, go to the office to work, get into a store and get something, not really going out to have a drink.

Anyway, the inevitable happened, I got sick. I’ve got the flu and so did everyone in my household, fortunately not everyone at the same time. It was very mild for me, and yet, I have forgotten how uncomfortable it it to not being able to breath normally without coughing, or what is like to have a continuous running nose.

I’m very fortunate, it was just 3-4 days, plus the days before and after taking care of whomever was sick at the moment.

Wasn’t a great holiday season. I still tried to enjoy it, but it’s not the same celebrating New Year’s by going to bed at 7 pm with a headache and a red nose.


Happy 2024!

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