Get busy

Sometimes I wish I had nothing to do and just rest or sleep, however, I had the opportunity in the past and is extremely boring. After a couple of hours you body gets tired to be in bed, watching TV (or videos) is entertaining just for a while and playing video games (or reading for that matter) is tiring after several hours.

It is good to be busy, to find hobbies, to be interested in other things, I guess the obvious thing here is balance. You need resting but too much rest is boring, you need to work, but too much work burns you out. You need hobbies but … hm if your hobby was your job and it was rested.. well I guess then you’ll get bored if you don’t balance it with something else.

My point, is, is important to get a routine, but is important that routine to be balanced and has different things and allow it to change from time to time.
Getting busy is entertaining and working towards something make life more interesting.

I have to remember that.

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