Finding coincidences

March 05 2020

In reply to @codemysoul post on this IH post

I do find coincidence on what you're saying. I personally don't blog that often (or if at all) The thinking of having to conform to "conventional" practices and adhere to certain style creates a bit of anxiety in me. What if what I'm writing is seems boring? What if my grammar is terrible? What if the content is all over the place?

Fortunately I came across this blog which is is a great source of inspiration for a different type social media content. Way simpler, no SEO goals, personal.

I also can relate to the "graveyard" folder situation. Many projects started and never finished because of lack of time and/or lack of definition of a MVP.

So, as a way of applying what I've learned in IH about creating and MVP and keep it minimum I created a clone of blog, but this one could be edited in situ. Unfortunately I also wanted to experiment with "extreme" serverlessness and the editor only runs locally and publishes the generated static site, so no online demo, only the final output:

So that's my MVP for the same goal as yours, create something for myself.

I'm sorry if I'm just talking about myself. What I meant to say with all of this, is yes! I like your idea and I'm myself going to keep exploring on these different ways to do things.

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