Continuous improvement

I’m really impressed by people that do A LOT of work; think of someone that has written an 8 series book or ran an ultramarathon or learned all Chopin’s piano pieces, all of them.

The common trait all of these people have is perseverance and consistency, these milestones are more often than not achieved through continuous and consistent work. Of course, natural ability makes it easier but that just takes you so far. This daily work combined with analysis to remove deficiencies creates a continuous and constant improvement that eventually develops into mastery.

But how do you get this consistency? How you force yourself to do something every day? You just do it? Are you forced by an external force (your parents when you’re a child and then your obligations when grown-up?). I think I know the answer, I think I’ve always had. But it’s slightly different to know the path and walk the path.

I can also just sit here comfortably and see if an alternative method appears all of the sudden in front of me.

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