Always learning

Aug 3rd, 2020

We are like no other specie, always curious about our surroundings, we are from a few weeks after being born, always trying to learn and understand how things work. Probably this curiosity slows down as we get older, but as far as I’m concerned I’m still trying to learn as much as possible.

This trait has been exploited by the current state of the Internet, specifically "Social Media”, we are always trying to find more information everywhere and these companies are pushing content we were not even interested on in the first place, and we, animals of habit find hard to disregard them.

And yet, we keep eager to learn new things, it just seems there are no suitable tools to enable us to satisfy this curiosity without turning us into mindless manipulated entities. Some tools like note-taking apps and knowledge tools come to mind (Notion, Evernote, Google Docs), even things like creating your own blog to preserve your thoughts (like I’m doing with this one) might help, but they will never be as easy as going to _____ app and scroll infinitely just looking for another spike of dopamine.

There most be a way of course. Probably it’s just as simple as turning off the device and see the world around us. But we are probably afraid to think that without “likes” and “follows” we are all alone.

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