About this blog

Jul 1st, 2020

It's just a place to write my extended thoughts about life (mainly digital life atm), inner replies to a post I read somewhere else, and yes, to reclaim my web presence and own my content among this sea of social networks, memes, cloud solutions, and whatnot.

What's funny is I tried to blog several times since forever, I have a Blogger account, a Medium account, even a Proseful account. Never posted anything beyond the “hello world”.

I wasn't until I built this blog “engine” myself from the ground up that I get to use it, and I mean, really built it, no Gatsby, Jekyll, or static generators. Pure string concatenation (not saying this is good, but wanted to experiment how to do it).

There's no likes, analytics, comments, share button or alike (maybe I'll add those later). Just a link to my twitter in case someone wants to DM a reply, but that's not the intention.

I have it as a (really messy) open source project and keep learning while I build it (e.g. yesterday added support to toggle dark mode).

There's something special about crafting your stuff, I guess similar to when we used to build our bows and arrows; if they suck you suck, but you can go home and improve them. When they work you feel proud. That's something we've lost in our technological evolution and yet so innate to human nature, it still finds its way in such an abstract world like the Internet.

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